Saturday, 21 April 2018

Oh what a beautiful morning.

 I opened the window and almost felt like singing 'Oh what a beautiful morning'      The pear tree burst bud yesterday and looks like a bride in all her glory.    I could hear the constant buzz of the humble bumble.   Oh what a morning, after the long Winter.   Spring at last is making her presence felt.
 The grass is damp, and the sun warm.   I breathe deeply and have an overwhelming feeling of contentment.
 The wonderful scent of Auricula wafts around the garden.   Such pretty little flowers.   My collection grows.
 I hadn't noticed the Fritillary yesterday.   I must put protection around it, as it will most definitely be a swift meal for a rabbit.
 Rhododendron buds are swollen, another few weeks and they will be in bloom. 
 Camassia are popping up all around the garden.  I divided them last year, it was a chore at the time but so glad I did.
 Acers are looking good.   This is my favourite, gold and red is such a lovely combination.
Perhaps  this is how a mouse sees things :)
I am sure whatever is in my garden they are humming
'Oh what a beautiful morning'

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Warm and sunny.

 Yesterday was a lovely warm day.    Everything seemed to be enjoying the higher temperatures, birds, bees butterflies and me.   Decided to take a trip to the nursery to buy some Summer bedding.
 Have kept everything soft this year.   Pastels and whites are my chosen colours.
 With the moss garden very much in mind I bought three shuttlecock ferns.    I am not sure if they will suit the garden as they like reliably moist soil.    I have prepared the planting area with plenty of organic compost and they are in shade.     
 Skimmia Japonica love it here, they do so well.   Many are in flower, bringing in the insects.    Whilst this is a fairly common plant it is one I really like, it always has something to offer.
 Have I ever shown you this little box hedge?   I planted it around seven years ago.   It looked very spindly then and I thought it would fade away.
 There are a few gaps here and there, as the dreaded box blight hit some of the plants.
 I really do need to get some new plants to fill the gaps but feel I could bring blight into the garden.   The hedge is now settled, so I am undecided at the moment.
 Ferns are slowly emerging.   These plants are such a wonderful addition to a woodland garden.
 Most ferns are extremely long lived, so these should be around for many many years.
I found this tiny specimen beneath the tree house last Autumn.   I knew it would not survive because rabbits tend to dig there and Nella sleeps the afternoon away in the shade on a hot Summers day.   I could see it being trampled, so moved it to the woodland area and planted it in a piece of wood I found on the woodland floor.   It is a survivor.

It is warm again today so I am going to do some much needed weeding.   It is great to feel the sun on the back of my neck.

Happy gardening days :)

Friday, 6 April 2018

A few degrees and wow.

 Just a little bit of sunshine, makes the world of difference.
 Everything explodes.   Bursting bud.
 The simplest of combination bring a smile.
 Winter starts to fade and Spring is making her presence felt.
 The older I get the more precious these times are.
 I love the gentle heat that Spring brings.
 To watch plants make their way to the sun.
 Hope runs through me, for this is another gardening season.
 Winter has been harsh but already it is fading.   
Oh to be in England now that Spring is here :)

Monday, 2 April 2018

Moss garden.

 As usual, I can never wait, when I have a project in my head.   Despite the continuous rain and dreary skies I have been working on the moss garden.   I wanted to keep this area fairly simple with just a few additions.
 I have placed large pebbles in the lawn to show the pathway.   This should stop visitors walking on the moss.   With the uneven stones I am hoping it will slow people down and make them conscious of what is around them.
 Yesterday, whilst visiting Rye, I noticed two pieces of driftwood for sale at a garden shop.   I had already bought ferns, so decided to plant up.    Six Japanese shield ferns were planted around the wood.    New growth in Spring emerges red, turning green in the Summer months.   I also dotted the fern in the borders that edge this area, so hopefully it will all tie together as they establish.
 The small tree on the right hand side of the image is Cryptomeria japonica sekkan-sugi.   The beautiful soft foliage is creamy yellow in Spring, green in Summer and bronze/purple in the cold Winter months.    As it grows it can be clipped, so perfect for my needs.   I have also placed some rocks, which you can see in the left hand side of the picture.
Now I play the waiting game.   I must learn not to fuss over this space and let the moss and lichen grow, let nature take its course.   I will show you this part of the garden as it progresses.

Have you any garden projects set for this year??

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Cold wet windy and snow, Oh fickle March.

 At this moment in time, the garden overwhelms me.    March has been fickle to say the least, so things that need to be done have been left.
 I ask myself what is it all for, and why do we push ourselves against the natural order of things to garden?
 I only have to walk this space, even in pouring rain, to find the answer.

 Without doubt, I am a gardener.   Those that walked before me have shown me the way.   I belong in a garden, as did my Father and my Grandfather before me.

Spring will come but in her own time.   When she is ready.
The gardener will be waiting, she just has to be patient :)

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Spring still waiting in the wings.

 It is 7.00 am and bitterly cold.   The wind is coming from an easterly direction, and a dusting of snow is on the ground.   I look at the rookery and notice that a nest is missing.
 As I walk to the back of the garden I notice the reflections in the pond.    No matter what time of year water always has something to offer.
Just as I thought one of the rooks nest has been blown from the trees during the night.   They have been building for several weeks now.    I like Rooks, I have learned to live alongside them.   They are highly intelligent, and do not really like human company but at this point we seem to get along ok :)
 I almost cannot bear to look at the bamboo.   Lush green a few weeks ago, now shrivelled and looking nothing like bamboo.    This has never happened in the garden before.   I believe some bamboo can recover, it is a waiting game.
 But in a garden there is always something to lift the spirit.    This pretty hellebore bloom is new to me, it most certainly put a smile on my face.
 You wouldn't think something so fragile looking would survive these harsh conditions.
 Our native primrose is in bloom.    I remember as a child walking with my father, my hand in his, talking about woodland plants.    It is a firm favourite of mine.
 Buckthorn is in flower.   Sadly I could not get any closer as the steps were covered in snow and ice.     
  Tete a tete is in small drifts all around the garden.   My favourite daffodil, small and neat, takes any amount of abuse and still comes up smiling.    Time to go inside, my fingers are frozen and my face chilled but none the less it was good to be outside and just enjoy all that is right with the garden.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

A breath of fresh air.

 Although the weather was changeable, five days in Cornwall was a much needed tonic.
 I love quiet places.    Walks where you rarely meet another being, apart from the odd dog walker or two.
 I studied streams and wildflowers and thought about the moss garden waiting in the wings at my garden.
 There is something very Poldark about standing on top of a cliff with the wind rushing through your hair.
 The look wasn't good but boy did I enjoy it.

 The time passed so quickly but then it does when you are enjoying yourself.
 My favourite beach in the whole world and I have been fortunate to walk many.   I look out to children and Grandchildren come to mind.   They have all walked this beach with me.   I am blessed to have so many wonderful memories.
As my husband walks ahead of me, my heart thanks him for all that he has given me.    He is one in a million.